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Thread: Braised leeks

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    Default Braised leeks

    Cook bacon and eggs for breakfast. Save the bacon grease in a glass jar and refrigerate.

    I usually don’t cook with salt or bacon, but once in a while…

    You need twice as many leeks because they really reduce.

    Trim dark greens off 4 large stalks of leeks.

    Soak and wash leeks, dry well.

    Slice leeks into strips or round medallions (doesn’t matter)

    Heat sautee pan with 2" salted water

    Add leeks, cover, simmer till very tender. Stir now and then to break up leeks.

    Drain most of the liquid in the pan, add bacon fat, turn up the heat to medium/high till leeks carmelize and get golden brown. Keep turning them.

    (Be careful of splashing and don't cook this when in the nude. Use a strainer to remove leeks, drain liquid, return leeks to pan).

    Shake a tiny bit of sea salt and toss.

    I like to use a covered Corningware serving dish so they stay hot.

    What a flavor. Great side dish if you love leeks.

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    mmmm this sounds sooo good. i adore leeks.
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    I love leeks! This sounds great!
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