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Thread: Hi Protein/Lo Carb "Mimosa" Salad

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    Default Hi Protein/Lo Carb "Mimosa" Salad

    This is dead easy, quick and delicious. Great on its own or with grilled meat/fish.

    2 hardboiled eggs
    Fresh baby leaf salad (spinach, butter lettuce, rocket, whatever)
    Handful pitted kalamata olives
    Shaved parmesan
    Your own favourite dressing (oil/vinegar/garlic/salt)

    Remove the yolks from the hardboiled eggs and finely chop.
    Coarsely chop egg whites.
    Mix egg whites, olives and parmesan with the salad leaves.
    Toss in dressing.
    Sprinkle chopped egg yolks on top (the yellow egg yolks look like mimosa flowers, hence the name of the salad).
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    Sounds delish. I need to eat more salads.

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    Sounds fantastic-I love everything in this.
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