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    Default Millionaire’s Shortbread

    Millionaire’s Shortbread

    I first had this little bars when I was in Durham, England, With my parents. We walked in this lovely city, and near the river we found this little pastry store that looked so welcoming, that we just had to get in. After some time, we finally bought two pieces of millionaire’s shortbread, and the flavors were just amazing- sweet yet salty, with melt in your mouth chocolate and a crisp base.

    Well, it took me more than a year to try the recipe, but it was worth the wait, in spite of some little difficulties that popped in my way. I guess you all have these days that nothing is going the way it should, and everything is one big mess. So, the day that I made this recipe was a day like this: I burnt the bottom of the pan while making the caramel layer, then the caramel went lumpy, and my top record was putting the base and caramel in a shut oven (it took my 30 minutes to figure that out…), It certainly was not my day!

    But, to my surprise, after all that mess, these turned out great! almost good as the ones that I had in Durham.

    Millionaire’s Shortbread/ Fanny from Food Beam
    for the base:
    135 gr. flour
    45 gr. dried coconut
    100 gr. brown sugar
    125 gr. butter, melted

    for the caramel layer:
    130 gr. golden syrup (I used light corn syrup)
    125 gr. salted butter, melted
    800 gr. sweetened condensed milk

    for the chocolate layer:
    185 gr. bittersweet chocolate
    3 teaspoons cocoa butter (I used butter)

    Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. and line a 20cm x 30 cm pan with parchment paper.
    Make the base by mixing the flour, coconut, sugar and melted butter. Spoon this mixture into the tin and press to make an even layer. Bake for 10 minutes and transfer to a wire rack.
    Place the golden syrup, butter and concentrated milk in a large pan and cook over low heat for 7 minutes. The mixture should be thick and caramel-brown in color. Pour this over the base and bake for 20 minutes into the preheated oven. Allow to cool completely at room temperature, and then go on with the chocolate.
    Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Mix in the cocoa butter and pour over the caramel. Chill until set.
    Cut into small squares, keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

    Millionaire’s Shortbread « Baking For The Cure
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    I love this stuff!

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    Wow, that looks yummy.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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