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Thread: Chalet's Ritz Salad

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    Default Chalet's Ritz Salad

    Since there's a Waldorf salad I thought there should be a Ritz salad.

    I'm always substituting mayonnaise where I can. I prefer salads lightly dressed rather than swimming in dressing. It's a familiar recipe, just tweaked a bit.

    2 pc. Cooked, boneless chicken filet cut into (1/2 inch pieces)

    20 green grapes - sliced in half

    3 stalks Celery, medium pieces

    1 Red onion - chopped, small pieces

    3 Peeled Apples, cut in medium pieces

    Dressing: Mix together:

    1/2 cup GREEK plain yogurt

    1 small bunch - FRESH tarragon - finely chopped. (The tarragon has to be fresh). Use a mini chopper or food processor if you have them.

    1 pinch of salt

    Pour dressing over and mix salad - chill

    If you can't get Greek yogurt, use any thick Plain yogurt like Stoneyfield or Brown Cow.

    If you want to live it up, add one small can drained Mandarin Oranges. Dry them well. Slice in half.

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    That sounds yummy, Chalet
    I don't want to perish like a fading horse - best lyric ever

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