I've posted this in another thread but Im drunk so go silly with it.........

1 Kg of minced beef
3 tbs peanut butter (Kraft crunchy)
2 tbls fish sauce (nam pla)
2 tbls Corriander
5 tbsp oil (peanut if you have it)
1 pkt or 3 tbls red curry paste (Mae Ploy definitely the best)
1 can coconut cream (or milk)

roll ping pong ball sized meat balls with wet hands
fry off in a wok 7-8 at a time so as to not let them stew for 3-5 minutes
drain on paper towel and put on casserole dish, or covered oven proof container
wipe wok
dry fry ( no oil) curry paste - 2-3 mins while swizzling the bastard (it may blister and look like its burning, but the flavour - it'll feel like a koala crapped a rainbow in your mouth.
add the coconut cream + peanut butter (add some crushed peanuts if you want it even more crunchy)
Stir the shit out of it - but dont let it bubble too much (take it of the stove if you have to (Ill forgive you)
add the fish sauce

Pour the satay sauce over the balls and cook in an oven at 200c (whatever that's in F) for 40 mins

serve with corriander sprinkled over the top on a bed of freshly cooked jasmine rice (or oreos - I dont care its your meal)
(it is a bit spicy - so cut the curry paste to your liking - you will go back to this recipe though after three servings though I promise)