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Thread: WOW Pasta!!

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    Default WOW Pasta!!

    I just eyeballed all the ingredients....

    Chicken breast with italian herbs and garlic pepper in oven for 45 min @ 350.
    Whole wheat Penne pasta
    Ragu traditional speghetti sauce
    garlic cloves

    I cooked the chicken, then the noodles. While the noodles were cooking I sauteed the broccolli in the garlic and almonds. Heat up the speghetti sauce at the same time.

    After the noodles are done, drain them, put them on a plate with the chicken sliced and on top of the noodles. Then cover with the sauce and then the parmesean.
    You can put the broccolli on the side or on top of it all.


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    wow. that sounds very interesting and good.
    ill have to try it sometime!!

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    I love whole wheat penne.
    I'm unsure of the almonds though, but everything else sounds delicious.
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