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Thread: Favourite Salmon Marinade

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    Default Favourite Salmon Marinade

    Marinated Salmon

    This is a West Coast special and I make it every couple of months. So good.

    One beautiful sockeye (or any other kind) salmon fillet or whole fish (double or triple recipe for a whole fish)
    Lots of chopped fresh garlic
    An inch knob of ginger, grated
    A bunch of chopped cilantro
    A diced Thai pepper or two, or a dash of hot sauce
    A cup of rice wine vinegar
    1/2 cup low-sodium soy sauce
    2 tbsp. brown sugar
    One lemon, juiced
    **I double or triple this recipe depending on the size of the salmon.
    I often throw in some green onions, and add lemon/orange slices in the cavity. You can also slice Vidalia or Maui onions and put them in there -- it's better with sweet onions.

    This recipe is for barbecue, but I usually bake it. I marinate it overnight in two/three layers of tin foil, reserving about a half a cup of marinade. Bake as usual. If you're not going to serve it for a few hours, leave it wrapped in foil. Pour slightly warmed marinade over fish before serving (I usually just leave it on the stove while cooking the fish). Garnish any way you like. I sometimes put fresh rosemary springs on it, or green onions cut lengthwise, plus lemons and oranges.
    Yum, yum!

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    ive found marinating the fish in olive oil makes it extremely buttery and soft....i just started doing this too. i'll give this a try!

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    I started doing the easiest, simplest thing ever to my salmon (but it isn't exactly the lowest in calories). I marinade it in pineapple teriyaki sauce for 30 min-1 hr, then I throw all of it in the dish I use to bake it in and put a tiny bit of brown sugar on the top (I truly mean a dash-it seems to enhance the teriyaki flavor a bit), and bake until done. Everyone I know keeps telling me it is the best salmon they've ever tried and I keep getting requests for it.

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    Default Re: Favourite Salmon Marinade

    Sometimes I put a dab of real maple syrup on it, just a little, when I want something sweet.
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