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Thread: Lentil 'Pastry' - Don't Freak Out!

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    Default Lentil 'Pastry' - Don't Freak Out!

    Here's a healthy alternative to pastry if you like making any kind of quiche.

    125g split lentils (the orange ones)
    1 onion chopped and saute'd in a little oil (or butter)
    50g rolled oats
    1tbsp tomato paste
    1tsp dried herbs, or cumin, or garlic or other flavouring you like
    Handful of grated cheese (any kind)
    Salt/pepper to taste

    Boil the lentils in twice their volume of water for about 10 mins and keep stirring so they break down into a thick paste. Add the oats, tomato paste and flavourings so it forms a sticky 'dough' you can press into a quiche/flan dish using your fingers or a spoon - it's too gooey to roll out. If it's too moist add a few more oats, if it's too dry add a little more water. You may have to fiddle with it.

    That's your base. Put chopped veggies, fish, ham, whatever you fancy onto the base plus a couple of beaten eggs mixed with about half a cup of milk and sprinkle some grated cheese on top if required. Sorry my quantities are vague, I don't do precision!

    Put in a hottish oven (180C) for about 20 mins or until it's lightly browned and obviously cooked. Allow to cool slightly and serve in slices with a fresh salad.
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    Default Re: Lentil 'Pastry' - Don't Freak Out!

    That sounds great, AO! I'm definitely going to try it soon. BF's doing the low-GI thing, and I'm always looking for more vegetarian recipes.
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    Many thanks for the recipe. I baked it yesterday after trying three other 'pastry free' bases. It turned out really well and I will be making it again. Tip: grease the quiche tin.

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