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    Default Noodle recipes

    thought i'd start a thread for noodle recipes. i looove noodles, whether it's stir fries, soupy noodles, spicy... love them all. share any good noodle recipes you know.
    i'll start with this one, i posted it the other day in the 'what are you eating?' thread.


    this is a dish a friend taught me to make and it's absolutely delicious:

    chinese noodles - the yellow ones, not the rice ones.
    boil noodles. strain.

    cut salmon into small, bite-size slivers. steam or broil for very little time. salmon should be raw-ish. unless you're one of those people who like salmon totally cooked in which case, cook away.
    i use the cheaper frozen salmon that comes in bags. no point in buying fresh stuff if it's just to mix with noodles anyway.

    in a separate bowl, prepare noodle dressing. these aren't exact measures, i kind of vary quantities depending on how much dressing i'm making, and this is an approximation - i kinda just mix it up and add stuff until the texture and taste is right.

    approx. 1tb tahina (middle eastern sesame paste)
    approx 1tb. soy sauce
    bit of powdered wasabi
    bit of gari (sushi ginger, chopped up into tiny bits)
    tablespoon rice vinegar
    teaspoon or two of sesame oil (only really necessary if your sesame paste is too thick, not if you buy the more liquid stuff)
    about a tablespoon of black sesame seeds

    note: you can also cheat and instead of the rice vinegar and sesame oil, use that japanese salad dressing they sell in shops that's soy and sesame-based.

    the dressing should be thick enough to just coat the noodles but not so thick it's impossible to mix. a bit of this dressing goes a long way and it's best if you mix it in with the noodles in little bits at a time since it's not the easiest to blend. you have to add the dressing to the noodles right when you're done straining them, otherwise they clump together and it's really hard.

    put noodles in bowl. top with salmon and steamed but still crunchy broccoli.

    you can use chicken instead of salmon if you like.
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    Beef and Noodles

    1 pack fat egg noodles, like Reame's
    Leftover roast beef, shredded, like 1-1 1/2 lbs
    Jar of beef gravy

    Boil noodles. Drain. Add leftover roast beef and gravy. Heat til warm.

    I'm really a 5 ingredient, 15 minute cook. My boys love this, though!
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    This dish has no name.

    1 box/pkg tri-colored rotini pasta
    (The kind often sold for pasta salad, with the red tomato flavored and green spinach flavored kind)
    1 jar sliced mushrooms OR 6-8 oz fresh (cremini or button)
    10-15 black olives, pitted and sliced
    10-15 green olives, pitted, de-pimentoed, and sliced
    3-4 cloves garlic, sliced very thin
    2-3 Tbs sun dried tomatoes, with a little bit of the oil they were packed in
    parmesan cheese
    fresh basil leaves, shredded

    Fix the pasta according to the package directions for al dente. Meanwhile, saute the mushrooms and garlic in butter until both are golden and the garlic slices are getting crisp. Drain the pasta, return it to the pot, toss with mushroom/garlic mixture (and the butter you sauteed in), sliced olives, sun-dried tomatoes, a couple of extra pats of butter, and parmesan cheese. Top with shredded basil leaves.

    Works just as well with medium-wide egg noodles, broken up fettuccine noodles, bow ties, etc. Not so good with thick or heavy pasta/noodles, or anything really thin like spaghetti or linguine.

    Greek style variation:
    Substitute kalamata olives for the green and black
    Substitute feta cheese for the parmesan

    Lebanese style variation:
    Substitute kalamata olives for the black olives
    Substitute half a can (or 3/4-1 cup fresh, cooked) of chickpeas for the green olives
    Substitute feta cheese for the parmesan
    Substitute shredded mint leaves for the basil

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    I will go hunting. I'm a carb/noodle/rice freak myself.

    I make a delicious Chinese style rice using brown rice, but I cheat and use seasoning mix.

    I like to take any sort of pasta, be it angel hair pasta, rigatoni, bows, it doesn't matter and combine the cooked pasta with copious amounts of soy sauce, sautéed onion and garlic (shallots are also delicious, too)mushrooms a bit of ginger and shredded leftover meat or fish. I will eat a bowlful of the stuff. Mr. Pip hates it and calls it 'garbage', but I love it. And so do our birds! has some excellent recipes, especially in their southern food section.

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    Look up recipes for Japchae if you've never had it before. It is good stuff! I have not tried to make it at home yet but it's on the list for foods to attempt in the near future.

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    yuuummm i'm making that soon.

    i looked up some recipes and these look good. some use beef, others pork belly. either way, sounds delish.

    Korean recipes: Japchae (stir fried noodles with vegetables) -

    Japchae – Korean Glass Noodles With Stir-Fry Vegetables & Meat

    Korean Glass Noodles – Jap Chae / Chap Chae | Steamy Kitchen Recipes
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