4 bean salad

Simple quick and easy when you just need something,

1 small can of 4 bean mix or combine red kidney beans, baby lima beans, garbanzo and great northern beans to make up 125g of bean mix (make a large quantity and store in the fridge).
1 small strip of yellow capsicum (diced)
1 small strip of red capsicum (diced)
Hand full of cherry tomatoes (cut into quarters)
Hand full of baby spinach (sliced)
1 button mushroom (sliced)
Fresh Mint
Fresh Basil
A few fine slices of Chili (you can leave that out if you dont want the heat)

Toss all ingredients together and serve in a bowl. You can add tuna or lean chicken if you want some extra protein.

With the herbs in it you donít need any dressing but if you want some extra flavor in it I recommend combining a half a teaspoon of Dijon mustard with some ginger and a little olive oil and pouring over the top.