I adapted this from a recipe out of The Age's foodie section, Epicure.

I didn't follow the quantities they had, just the general idea and DAMN! It is nice!! Particularly the addition of the parmasen rind into the soup - you fish it out and chuck it away before you blend, and it leaves that parmasen creamy flavour without having any cheesy blobs in your soup. Lush!

I used... roughly:
2 leeks, sliced finely. Saute slowly in a knob of butter. When soft (but preferably not burnt... I was trying to do too many things at once while making this and a few things went squew-whiff!)
Then add 3 potatoes, chopped roughly, cook a little before adding 2-3 cups of water or vegetable stock (I used 1 cup of water with stock powder in it, then a cup and a bit of water - really just until it looked about right)
Bring to boil and chuck in a parmasen rind - by this I mean the hard edge of a piece of parmasen cheese that is too hard to grate onto your pasta sauces now but you don't want to chuck it out as it was fancy parmasen from the Queen Vic Markets in Melbourne....

Turn the heat down and leave to simmer for 40-60 minutes (this is all pretty vague as I basically put it on to cook, buggered off to eat my dinner and watch telly and just ambled over to stir and check occassionally!) I think I took the parmasen rind out after 40 mins or so and left it to simmer a bit more.

Then blend until a smooth puree and ENJOY

(For those doing Weight Watchers, this made enough for 4 BIG serves that came in at 2 points per serve).