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Thread: Healthy Meal for Kids

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    Default Healthy Meal for Kids

    We call this Green Gunge. Do NOT tell the kids what's in it - if you say 'fish' and 'spinach' they will gag before they even try. Just let them enjoy and you can smirk about how healthy it actually is.

    1 fillet of fresh/frozen uncooked fish (it can by anything, cod, haddock, salmon, whatever)
    3 potatoes, boiled and mashed
    1/2 cup wilted fresh, or defrosted spinach
    Handful grated cheese - whatever you have

    Poach the fish in some milk in the microwave until just cooked (5 mins max).
    Add the mashed potato, spinach and cheese and mix well.
    Add some milk if it's too dry and taste - add seasoning or more cheese.
    Blitz in the processor or mash by hand until it's all mixed up as a Green Gunge puree.
    Serve as is, or with sausages, steak, burger pattie, chops, whatever.

    My kids have been eating this since they were weaned and apart from adding ketchup and spicy sauce they still love it and they still don't know how healthy it is. Despite being VERY picky eaters they both happily eat fish and spinach now so my job is done.
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    Default Re: Healthy Meal for Kids

    Thanks. I will have to try that with my boys. I am a freaking short order cook at dinner time and it is getting old.
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    Default Re: Healthy Meal for Kids

    My oldest two are the best eaters. They will eat anything.
    They always have. My youngest two, totally different story.
    The older is picky, we have tried to starve the kid but
    he still won't eat stuff and when he does, he throws it back up.
    Doc said he thinks he has a touchy gag reflex.
    The baby maybe like the older two. He is eating his veggies
    and fruits but doesn't like meat. Drives me crazy!

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