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Thread: Mom's baked apple slices

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    Default Mom's baked apple slices

    A dead-easy, quick dessert.

    Mom's Baked Apple Slices

    4 cups of sliced apples - use apples that cook up well, like Fuji or Golden Delicious
    3 Tbsp sugar
    A sprinkle of cinnamon
    1 Tbsp maple syrup

    As you slice up the apples, check for their flavor. If they don't taste good raw, believe me, they aren't going to taste good cooked. Also check the peel. If it is too thick or bitter, remove it. If not, you can leave it on.

    Put apple slices in a glass bowl. Sprinkle on top the 3 Tbsp of sugar. Add a light sprinkle of cinnamon. Bake in microwave oven for 5 minutes on high heat. Adjust the time for your microwave and how many apples you are doing. Ours has a powerful high setting so 4 cups of apples only takes 5 minutes. If you use more apples, you will probably need to cook it a little longer. I suggest starting with 5 minutes and testing for doneness with a fork. If it needs more cooking time, give it more. When done, remove and mix so the sugar coats well all the apple pieces. Add maple syrup to taste, about 1 Tbsp.

    Serves 1-2. Delicious with whipped cream on top, or with vanilla ice cream on the side.

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    Default Re: Mom's baked apple slices

    this sounds really simple! it'd be great with the ice cream

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    Default Re: Mom's baked apple slices

    Yummy! And super fast, what a great idea, PB. I'm going to try it with yogurt.
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