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Thread: Favorite fried chicken recipe?

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    Default Favorite fried chicken recipe?

    Damn corn allergy! I can't find one company's fried chicken that I can eat (a.k.a. no corn). I have to start making my own, but really don't want to waste time trying recipes from random morons online...

    So I turn to my GR resources and beg for good recipes. Can you even make fried chicken at home that is as delicious as KFC or Popeye's? I'm doubtful, but willing to try.

    Help me please, PMS is kicking in and I want some chicken!

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    i knew that no one can make good fried chicken at home.

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    hub makes really good fried chicken. with Panko breadcrumbs. i like the crispiness of them.
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    i don't know that i've ever made fried chicken in my entire adult life, but my mom makes awesome fried chicken with just all purpose flour seasoned with paprika, salt & pepper. she then fries it in oil (safflower, i think) atop the stove. a simple & yummy treat!
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    I dont know if you might like this, but back when I ate meat my housekeeper would make AWESOME fried chicken.. only it would be pounded into thin sheets, dredged in breadcrumbs, and fried.. it was called milanesa. So good.

    Basically pound out the breast until it's thin, combine eggs, milk, salt, and pepper in a dish and then soak the pounded chicken in the mixture, crush saltine crackers (yes, she used saltine crackers instead of bread crumbs.. makes the breading a lot more crunchy and browns really nicely) and dredge the breast in the crackers, and then fry in vegetable oil and pat down excess oil.

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    I've only make this recipe and it's fantastic! I got so many compliments! Get the already cut up chicken, it's easier.

    1 (3-pound) chicken, washed and cut into 8 serving pieces
    Salt and pepper
    2 cups self-rising flour
    3 eggs
    1/3 cup milk
    Peanut oil, for frying
    Liberally sprinkle each piece of chicken with salt and pepper several hours before cooking. Place it in a dish, covered with plastic wrap, in the refrigerator.

    Place the flour in a plastic kitchen storage bag. When ready to cook, beat the eggs with the milk. Dip the chicken pieces into the egg mixture, then place each piece in the bag. Shake until chicken is coated. Set the floured chicken on a plate while you heat the oil. Pour enough oil into a cast iron skillet to come only about halfway up the sides of the pan. This is important, as the oil rises when each piece of chicken is added.

    Turn the heat to medium high; test by adding a drop of water to the oil. If it sizzles, the oil is ready; this takes about 4 to 5 minutes. Place about 4 pieces of chicken into the hot oil. Allow to cook on the first side about 8 minutes, and on the second about 6 minutes, until brown and crispy. Pieces with large bones, the legs and thighs, may need an additional minute per side to get completely done. Remove the chicken from the oil and drain well on brown paper bags. Cook the second batch of chicken.

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