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Thread: YSL touche eclat / radiant touch

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    Default Re: YSL touche eclat / radiant touch

    i bought a mac highliter and that works good as well. I'm sure it was cheaper too..maybe it was $18.00?

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    Default Re: YSL touche eclat / radiant touch

    It's ok, it lightens up the dark inside corners of my eyes by the bridge of my nose. But the stuff SMELLS BAD. And I think a touch of well-blended white eye pencil has a better effect. I also tried it on my nasolabial folds and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

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    Default Re: YSL touche eclat / radiant touch

    ^Mine doesn't have any smell at all. I've been using this for three years and never had a problem with smell. And did it only smell after applying it to your "nasolabial folds"?
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    I bought this for the first time 10 years ago and have never been without one since - it's magic! It's literally the only make-up product that I've ever stayed completely faithful to. Buy it - you won't look back!
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