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Thread: Why I stopped buying expensive nail polish

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    I use OPI, but I buy two bottles of color every season. I use it throughout the months and then switch. I use pink and creamy colors during the summer and spring and then in the fall and winter I switch to darker colors, blackish reds.

    I'll try the NYC...

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    I still love the NYC. Right now Im into cream neons. pink , orange, yellow.

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    I'm faithful to OPI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elphie View Post
    it sounds like it's the top coat that matters most. what are you people using?
    With the NYC stuff I don't! It's fantastic. Just a base coat of Nail Envy, then the colour over the top. Doesn't chip. Wears away a bit, but it's never chipped.

    I'm actually getting a bit of a rep at work for having crazy coloured nails all the time

    I'm an NYC junkie.

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