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Thread: Wen Hair Products - anyone using?

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    The L'oreal Evercare Cleansing Conditioner is just like Wen, but it's cheaper and you can get it at the local drugstore.

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    I used Wen a couple years back and it made my scalp break out in huge spots, like cystic acne. It was awful.

    For quite a while after that, the only thing that didn't irritate my scalp was Dove shampoo and conditioner. I can use other products now but it was just really bad for awhile. It didn't make my hair fall out or anything. Just made my scalp have these really painful, red, hard spots that would sometimes ooze.

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    oh, LAWD, that's horrible! My niece wound up falling in love with it so I gave her all of the Wen products once I decided I didn't want them anymore.
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