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Thread: Very expensive skincare products - do you?

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    I use Shisiedo's top line, LX Future Solution, even though it's meant for older skin. I can't remember all the prices off the top of my head, but I know the serum is $225 and the night cream is $260. I use their Bio-Performance (2nd tier line, meant more for my age) Super Restoring day cream and it's also around $260 (but I can find it MUCH cheaper on Overstock, it just takes forever to get here). I feel uber guilty spending so much money on skin care but a jar lasts an extremely long time and my skin has never looked better. All my skincare is Shiseido. I'm envious ... I'd love to splurge on LaPrairie.
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    Wow, thanks for the update, we sell a ton of Neocutis, also SkinMedica in my salon. I'm blown away by the prices..... With serum, it's very light so it's not going to give extra moisture.

    When the Neocutis rep came in, she said the best way to see if it is REALLY working for you is to take a selfie before you start any treatment. Then use it on only one side of your face for 6 weeks. Take another selfie and compare the two pics.

    I've heard others say the issue of some wrinkle treatments beading up under foundation. Did the one you have contain any silicone?

    Avocado and almond oil is fabulous for your skin. So is pure argan oil, also coconut oil. This past winter it was so harsh in Chicago in addition to a regular moisturizer I was putting the argan oil on my skin, it absorbs right in, no grease.

    Thanks so much for your update!

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    Uh, well, I was going to mention I splurge on Dior's $56 moisturizer but it appears I need to go brag about this in the Walmart thread instead.
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