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Thread: Smooth Away - As seen on tv

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    I wanted to try this, but maybe I'll hold off and see how well it works for Sweetie first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    If you haven't already got one, I wouldn't bother.
    My mom had something like this and yes, its like fine snadpaper and you "rub" the hairs off. A Razor does the same thing and is less taxingon the skin.
    I'd recomend an epilator, myself. Its doing a great job not only of getting rid of the hair but making the folicles weaker so less comes back Hurts like a f*cker the first couple of times you use it mind!
    Hell yes! I use an epilator every so often now I don't mind as much, but the first couple of times were HELL (mind you, I have very sensitive skin). My husband was like, "it can't be that bad" so I zapped his leg. I have never seen him scream like that, he was like "WHAT THE FUCK!" The things we do for beauty, men are such cowards.

    I wanted to try this as well, I'll wait until Sweetie tells me how well it works!
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    It seems like it would be irritating on my skin.

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