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Thread: Perfume/Cologne -- how much to use?

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    Anybody who bathes in perfume to the point of reeking needs a slap to the head. If people can smell you outside of a 5 foot radius, you're wearing WAY too much.

    It's nasty when some person walks into a room and you're immediately assaulted with a fucking cloud of chemical stench.

    Ideally, you shouldn't be able to smell anything unless you're within 2 feet of them and only if they walk by.
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    Late to the party as usual, it's what I get for not venturning off the gossip threads very often.

    I wear Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean, it comes out during Christmas, I don't like the Vanilla warm sugar stuff. I put it on my legs now and again when I have dry skin.

    For the most part I hate perfume. Makes my eyes and nose run. Some of that crap takes your breath away.

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