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Thread: Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion

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    I got it yesterday, used it & effing LOVE it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post
    Then try a facial exfoliator brush. My skin is very sensitive and as much as I'd love to try out one of the microdermabrasion kits to lessen the effects of acne scars and even out the tone a little I remember what happened when I tried a supposedly gentle facial scrub. Was. Not. Good. The nice thing about the brushes is that its easier to go as hard or as soft as you want and even though the bristles feel quite soft they really do a great job. Another bonus is that they are a hell of a lot cheaper, too. I think the last one I bought cost me about 1.50/2.00 and I have found it really helps.

    I have super sensitive skin and rosecea and I got the Olay Microdermabrasion kit a year or so ago. It actually calms my skin a lot and doesn't make me have a reaction.

    I recently started using the Total Regenerist moisterizer. I like it a lot, but the packaging is too small and runs out quickly. I feel very old using Olay products, but I figure they've stuck around a long time.
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    My favorite is Neostrata's Skin Resurfacing Duo. It is a really nice product.

    MontanaMama.... have you ever tried any moisturizers that are specifically for those with rosacea?

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    I've tried & liked Olay Regenerist, but i swear by my Clarisonic. Got it a month before it came out on Oprah's must have list of 2007. It's a beautiful thing!

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