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Thread: Four products you shouldn't splurge on

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    I now go to my local place, run by a couple of lovely Vietnamese sisters natch, and they use cheap as chips nail polish but the way they apply it with total care and attention means it stays put forever. It's worth every cent of the $6 per full manicure (!!!) they charge.
    What does that mean?

    And I totally agree. I have bought the exact same polish that they use in the salons, and my attempts start chipping within a day. Theirs - I can't hardly get it off.
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    $6 for a manicure? Those are Third World prices. It's hard to find a decent one for under $30 here, and that is considered cheap.

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    I have to order prescription retin-a cream online as it's not on sale here so that's expensive (but worth it). I also used to be too pale and have used sun powder for ages until I begon last month to eat the maximum of food with iron I could think of and it has radically changed my skin coloration, so much that my doc has commented on it

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    I agree, most of my cheapest makeup is the best i used so far like my Barry M kohl liner

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    i agree with everything except chanel nailpolish. i love that stuff. i agree opi is great as well but it's generally not sold here except for sephora in france and they charge way too much for it compared to what it costs in the US.
    i've had bad luck with chanel... it always chips so fast. OPI has the best color range. Revlon makes good polish too.

    i think maybelline makes pretty awesome mascara. i use the one thats in the lime green bottle with the silicone brush.

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