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Thread: Favorite Bath & Body Works stuff?

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    My mother-in-law supplied me with every Plumeria scented product ever made when I was pregnant, as a pamper yourself mum to be type gift. It was so sickly sweet.

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    I love the Warm Vanilla Sugar. Drives the man friend wild too!

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    My favorite bath & body works thing is this; on the bottle it says "this FINISHED product not tested on animals" sweet! They have good attorneys.

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    My favorite was freesia but I guess they discontinued it since they don't carry it at the bath & body works near me. I like a few of their other scents like warm vanilla sugar and cotton blossom, but I don't shop there very often since I think the store itself smells awful. The stench of all their scents combined is to overwhelming for me.

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    My favorite used to be CocoCabana, and they only carry it in the winter. BUT! WHen I went to go buy some CocoCabana I found Creamy Coconut, which smells slightly more beachy. (I'm a coconut FIEND, if it has the word coconut in it and it goes on my body I own it) However, I'll be sad if I run out and see that this lotion is also a winter lotion. The bottle I have says it's a classic, but I had never seen it before I bought it soooo idk. lol
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    Oh. The pumpkin mask stuff smells so good, you want to eat it. I tasted it, yuck.

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