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Thread: Discontinued make-up you want brought back

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    Quote Originally Posted by soogar View Post
    L'Oreal Shock Proof extreme wear nail color. I bought a few bottles years ago and I still use them and they are nowhere near finished. I wanted to get a few more colors and I found to my dismay that the polish has been discontinued. It is the only nail polish that I have used that stays on for a month for a pedicure. I guess it is one of those "flexible" polishes and the colors I have are really rich- not flat or cheap looking.

    If anyone has a clue about nail polishes that advertise themselves to be "flexible" and "shock proof" I'd like to know what brands are out there. I remember a few years ago Sally Hanson and Revlon (in addition to Loreal) had shock proof polishes. Revlon had a two step system - color and topcoat. The Loreal was the best in my opinion.
    Yeah me too! Man, I loved the sheer colors in that line. Still have a couple of them left, but I was bummed when they discontinued it. I haven't found anything that lasts like that stuff did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Face View Post
    I miss my water proof dial-a-lash mascara from back in the 80's. I don't wear mascara anymore because I can't find anything that is OK with contacts but, doesn't give me racoon eyes.
    I saw in some beauty rag that Almay is now making something reminiscent of the old Dial-a-Lash called Dial Up mascara. Not sure if they make it in waterproof or not.

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    I loved trushine and bought it because I hated Outlast which dries out your lips. Now on the Covergirl site they tell us that if we liked trushine we will love Outlast!!! Why would they take away a great product and replace it with an awful product? I will simply have to find another product and not necessarily a Covergirl one. I guess they don't need our business.

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    I want Macs lipstick in Flavor to come back. The closest one they have is "Please Me". I stock up with those babies in fear that might get discontinued too.

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    The entire Calvin Klein line!

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