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Thread: Best moisturizers for scars?

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    Default Re: Best Moisturizers for scars?

    Nah, a clinical tried actually showed it was counter-productive to scarring...

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    Default Re: Best Moisturizers for scars?

    These products are good if you've had surgery. I used the Cica Care gel sheets when I had my tits done and it seemed to be pretty good. I can't speak for the snail extract cream.

    Cica Care - Silicone gel sheets
    Mederma-Onion extract
    Elicina-snail extract
    Scar Heal-Silicone gel sheet
    Scar Fx
    ReJuveness-Pure silicone scar sheet
    Scar Zone-Sun screen
    Tru Derm-Sun screen
    Kelo Cote-Silicone liquid
    Neosporin Scar Solution-Silicone
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    Default Re: Best Moisturizers for scars?

    Oh man the Circa Care strips worked wonders on my scaring. So much so that when my dad got his tip lip split bad enough to have emergency PS on it (got hit in the face with a cricket ball while playing and it ripped it open) I told him to use it after the stiches came out and the wound just never scarred at all.

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    Default Scars

    Hey does anyone know any great over the counter medication or anything I can do to minimize an apperance of a scar?....thanks!

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    Default Stretch Marks & Mederma

    I was reading the current Cosmo and that magazine is so retarded; to stay on top of the latest trend (procreation) they did a little spread on how preganancy will affect your body and I am sick of reading doctors telling women that stretch marks are forever after pregnancy. That is total bullshit.
    Right after I had my son I visibly dropped some weight and I had two red patches on my butt and I asked my mother "OMG, what the hell is this?" and she said quite amused "Oh, those are stretch marks honey!" I did a little screamy thing. Spoke to my little sister who swears by Mederma for her acne scars and she said to use it on my stretch marks while they are still "new" I did and it WORKED! You do have to put it on like 4 times a day which can be annoying; but it WORKED!!!!!!!! It was so weird when I was in the shower and basically where you put the mederma a film is created over the skin and when you scrub it sloughs right off; but it doesn't leave your skin raw like if you were bombarding a blemish with burning face stuff.
    Mederma says to use it on new stretch marks; and in my personal experience it worked.

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