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Thread: Any Bare Minerals users?

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    I have the spf 15 foundation, the all-over face color, and the mineral veil. I dont really know how to use it, so I just put undereye concealer because I have really bad undereye circles, and then follow with some foundation and then some all over face color for some brozing action and finish with the mineral veil. It looks good.. my face has definitely cleared up since I started using it. My only qualm is that the powder doesnt stay on the brush very well and I end up getting little dots of powder all over my clothes and my bathroom counter.

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    Default Re: Any Bare Minerals users?

    If you have the kit, you really should watch the video teaching you how to apply it. When I first got it, I was like screw that and just applied it however I wanted to with not very good results. The key is to pour a small amount of the powder into the lid and swirl the brush in it. Then tap it to get off the excess and apply it to your face. Once you've applied it all over, do the same thing with a concealer brush under your eyes and on pimples etc. Then you can apply the mineral veil in the same way to bring it all together. Each of these steps you should be pouring it into the lid and swirling the brush in it, tapping it, and buffing it on your face (that's how the video puts it). Doing this I find I really don't need any additional concealer although again, I think it's best if you don't need a considerable amount of coverage. It does also get a bit messy with the powder spilling on the bathroom counter but for me, it's worth it. It's looks just as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning and it doesn't feel icky at all. You can aslo try their "skin rev-er upper" prior to make-up and face lotion. It has glycolic acid and helps even skin tone as well as exfoliate away any flakiness. I'll use it during the day without any make-up just to even my skin a bit.

    Quote Originally Posted by ediebrooks View Post
    I'm rather intrigued by Bare Escentuals, but a little afraid to try it, as I have oily but sensitive skin. Is it ok for people with skin like mine?
    My skin is exactly the same and it's the best foundation I've found. Liquid foundations are too oily and heavy for me.
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