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Thread: E-Pen: any good?

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    Default E-Pen: any good?

    Does anyone have an E-Pen, and if so, is it worth the money? I would love to permanently remove hair (hate shaving, although it's better than being hairy) but I would have to travel hours out of town to have electrolysis done by a professional (not sure if I can afford it either), and was thinking about ordering this.

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    I don't know what it is but I doubt anything that you use at home would work. I've been getting laser, like around 5 treatments so far and it works. I'm thrilled with the results. It's kinda expensive, $69 a treatment. But that was far less then some doctors I called which was $225. I'm hoping to only need one more treatment. BTW I drive an hour away, but it's worth it for the results and price. Of course if you have a larger area to deal with it might be a expensive. If it works let us know, that would be great, at home hair removal.

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