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    Default Stila Perfecting Foundation

    Stila Perfecting Foundation ($30) is the first new stick-form foundation to come along in quite awhile. A couple of years ago it seemed like every major line offered this type of foundation, but these days they seem to have fallen out of favor. Leave it to Stila to save one of the best for last, because this new option is a commendable choice for normal to dry skin not prone to breakouts. (That's because, as with all stick foundations, the ingredients that keep it in stick form aren't the best to use over blemishes.) Perfecting Foundation has a creamy soft texture that glides over skin, feeling almost gel-like but leaving a noticeably moist (but not greasy) finish. If not blended well it can look heavy, but smoothing things out with a sponge or, as Stila recommends, applying it with a foundation brush, solves this problem. When it's carefully blended, you'll get medium to almost-full coverage--and this doubles as a concealer for trouble spots (though it's not recommended to conceal breakouts). Each of the 13 shades is recommended. Stila has an ongoing knack for creating true skin shades, and they did it again with this foundation. Whether you have fair or very dark skin, chances are you'll find an impressive match here.

    Source: Paula Begoun

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    I love this stuff! That is my fav foundation!

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