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Thread: Crest Pro-Health Rinse: Stained teeth and loss of taste

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    Default Crest Pro-Health Rinse: Stained teeth and loss of taste

    I came across this on Amazon: Crest PRO-HEALTH Rinse - 500 ml: Health & Personal Care

    I've never seen reviews like this. 134 Reviews
    5 star: 9) 4 star: 5) 3 star: 1) 2 star: 6) 1 star: (113)

    Average Customer Review
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    43 of 44 people found the following review helpful:
    Stained Brown ; (, July 8, 2006
    By David Case (Flint, MI) - See all my reviews

    At the beginning mouthwash was fine. Nice not having the alcohol burn and the breath, that my girlfriend hated. So that was nice.

    But after extended use for a month it stained in between my teeth brown. It looked terrible and it cost me a one hundred dollar trip to the dentist to scrape that junk off. The dentist advised that it was my mouthwash after hearing it was this Crest mouthwash that I was using. I was surprised that a mouthwash that is suppose to help clean your teeth actually does the opposite.

    Beware: Your better off not using mouthwash if you want clean teeth. Or, use Listerine. Comment (1) | Permalink | Was this review helpful to you? (Report this) (Report this)

    28 of 28 people found the following review helpful:
    Zero stars from me... , January 1, 2008
    By Reader - See all my reviews
    This garbage put dingy yellow and brown stains on my teeth, especially near the gums. A dental cleaning failed to get them off. If I had known this mouthwash could cause stains, I would never have used it in the first place. If my next dental cleaning fails to remove the yellow on my teeth, P&G may have a lawsuit on their hands. It's to the point where I don't want to even talk or smile. These Pro Health products should be illegal. Comment | Permalink | Was this review helpful to you? (Report this) (Report this)

    32 of 36 people found the following review helpful:
    A Better Way to Stain Your Teeth Brown Than Chewing Tobacco, February 9, 2007
    By C. Kelleher "cmkelleher" (new york, ny United States) - See all my reviews

    just joining the chorus - this stuff does not have alcohol in it like Listerine, so it freshens your breath and keeps your mouth germ free for hours. Quite nice, as Listerine leaves alcohol coating (i.e. sugar) in your mouth that then gives you worse breath a few hours after using it as germs love sugar. Crest solves that problem, but adds brown stains after as little as two weeks of use.

    If you stop using it, the stains go away in about a month. Your dentist can clean the stains off quickly and effectively and will reassure you the stains are not harmful or permanent. This is little consolation, as who wants brown stained teeth in between dental cleanings?

    Bottom line, it amazes me that Crest is trying to market this stuff. The current consumer trend towards unnaturally white teeth is a bit sad, but certainly no one wants brown teeth. Three other people I know who tried this gunk had the same problem, so Crest's bogus claims about "only some people are effected" is pure corporate disinformation. I have no idea why they sell this, why the FDA lets them do it, or why retailers (including Amazon) let them market it to their customers.

    Don't buy this, complain to retailers and the Feds, and wait for this and the other Crest Pro Health "innovation" (stannous i.e. staining) fluoride toothpaste to vanish from the market. Crest's marketing team and the whorish dentists they bribed to endorse these products deserve every possible censure. Comments (11) | Permalink | Was this review helpful to you? (Report this)

    According to the Crest website the brown stains means it's working!

    "Teeth discoloration could actually be one indication, in some people, that the product is working: after the rinse kills germs in your mouth, the dead germs can collect on the teeth surface and create the appearance of a brown stain." I've looked there are bad reviews and people who are really pissed off all over the web.

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    Shit I bought this stuff two weeks ago. Lucky me I've been forgetful and have only used it maybe 3 times lol it's going in the trash!
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    fucking gross! Lawsuits galore..
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    I heard about this not too long ago on the news. I don't think I will be using any Crest products anymore.

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    "Teeth discoloration could actually be one indication, in some people, that the product is working: after the rinse kills germs in your mouth, the dead germs can collect on the teeth surface and create the appearance of a brown stain."
    And the alcohol product you were selling 2 months ago that you claimed killed 99.9% of bacteria didn't do this WHY?

    Please don't lie to us, we're your consumers.

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    DH has been using this for over a year and sure enough, his teeth are browner. I would've never put that together with the rinse though. Thanks for posting!

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    Crest rinse fights off customer complaints

    Posted 5/7/2008 3:30 PM | Comments16 | Recommend18
    CINCINNATI (AP) Persistent consumer complaints are causing some stains on a Procter & Gamble's (PG) Crest.

    Crest Pro-Health Rinse hit the market three years ago as an alcohol-free mouthwash that not only freshens breath but fights oral maladies such as gingivitis and plaque. The strong-selling product has caused some users to report discoloration of their teeth and numbing taste.

    P&G says "99.99%" of users have had no complaints and that any discoloration or aftertaste is temporary.

    But NBC's Today show reported Wednesday that the complaints have led to a consumer lawsuit alleging fraud and to further study by the Food and Drug Administration, which approved the product.

    Laura Brinker, a Crest spokeswoman, declined to comment on the pending litigation. She said an FDA panel is gathering information, but that the product is in full compliance with current standards.

    Posted Wednesday on the Crest website was a statement from Robert Gerlach, a dentist and P&G researcher, saying that the product has been tested extensively and proved to be safe and effective.

    "The millions of consumers who use it every day, and the growing number of dentists who recommend it, can attest to that," Gerlach said.

    Brinker said temporary discoloration can be a sign that the product is killing harmful germs, which can be brushed away, or reflect the user's eating, drinking and brushing habits.

    P&G said nearly 100 million bottles a one-liter bottle retails from $4.69 have been sold as Pro-Health Rinse. It is the second-leading mouthwash behind Johnson & Johnson's venerable, alcohol-containing Listerine.

    But Pro-Health rinse has been dogged by complaints repeatedly showing up on Internet sites.

    "Crest Pro-Health mouthwash turned my teeth brown! And on top of that, I can't taste anything!" a reader identified only as Monique wrote to, a consumer affairs website. There are scores more complaints there and on other sites.

    "I thought it was unusual in terms of how many people it's affecting," said Ben Popken, Consumerist's editor. "Sometimes you might hear from a handful, but there seems to be a pretty decent body of people saying this."

    Steve Markus, a dentist in Haddon Heights, N.J., said people with porcelain implants or other dental and orthodontic appliances could be susceptible to staining from the rinse. He said the mouthwash apparently aids oral health.

    "Anything being done to combat disease in the mouth, anything to disrupt the bacteria, helps," said Markus.

    Brinker said P&G doesn't see a need for a warning label because the number of those affected is very small.

    "You don't want to discourage people from using a product when they will receive very important health benefits," she said.

    She said P&G expects more consumer calls, and considers refunds on a case-by-case basis.

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    I use hydrogen peroxide to rinse my mouth.

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    That sucks. I was going to get this. I used Crest Premium Strips, and although the results weren't as good as I hoped - there was a difference.

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