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    Default Neutrogena Wave

    I just purchased this product yesterday, and used it this morning to clean my face, and so far, I really like it. I'm the type who usually scrubs my face daily with a washcloth, etc., in order for my face to feel smooth and clean; otherwise,the pores around my nose and chin feel gritty. I was skeptical when I started to use it, because it doesn't scrub "hard", but my face felt really smooth and soft. I was also concerned because the cleanser in the pads feels "minty", and my skin also tends to irritate easily, but it didn't irritate my face at all. Thumbs up on this product from me!

    Neutrogena Wave™ Power Cleanser

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    i was on my way today to get face stuff for my daughter and i. thanks for pointing this out, i'll have to try it!
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    I was thinking about getting it the other day, but was afraid it would irritate my skin since it's sensitive. I'll have to go get it now, thanks.

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