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Thread: OPI Nail Envy and recommendations

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    Default OPI Nail Envy and recommendations

    I'm not normally one for recommendations but I've been using this stuff since August and it TOTALLY works. I could get my nails to a certain length and they'd flake, chip etc. Very annoying indeed!

    Before I got married I had a manicure and the lady recommended this stuff.

    Since then I've applied it at least once a week and the difference it's made to my nails is incredible! I now own the longest pair of nails I have ever had, which are also bloody strong. If anything they are now too long for me!
    So many people have commented on them that I just want to tell everyone how great this product is.

    I'm not a spammer or trying to sell this product- I just want to spread the nail love!!

    ANybody else have any amazing recommendations?

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    Everyone raves about Nail Envy and I've bought it. But every single time I've ever used it, it caused my nails, which are already very soft, weak and prone to breaking, to break down to the quick. It had exactly the opposite intended effect on me. Then again, nothing has ever worked on my nails!

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