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    Does anyone else love this line? I went into Sephore intending to buy Nars' Mata Hari or Cargo's Catalina blush, but the sales associate suggested Pout blush in Pearly Queen instead. It's the prettiest cool-toned babydoll pink I have ever seen. The packaging is also adorable.

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    I haven't tried their blush, but I did pick up a Pout eyeshadow duo at Sephora - it was the only one that had the colour combination I was looking for. Pretty impressed so far; eye shadow is one thing I'll splurge on, because after using nicer brands I can really tell a difference, so I was really hoping I wouldn't be disappointed (in the past I've used Nars and Estee Lauder, but I was looking for specific colours). It's great, and the packaging is, indeed, adorable.
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