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Thread: Laura Mercier - Skincare

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    Default Laura Mercier - Skincare

    You know the saying, stop searching and you will find?

    After looking for over a year for the right daily/nightly moisturizer I gave up looking and went back to Cetaphil.

    By accident shopping for makeup I was shown skincare products from Laura Mercier and being in the mellow mood I was - I was rather agreeable to try something new.

    I bought the following:

    Oil free gel cleanser (I use only at night and just a splash of water in the AM)

    Moisturizer Cream with SPF 15 (AM and PM)

    Eyedration (PM only around lower eye area)

    It's been about a week and so far I am very happy with all three products. They have no heavy perfumes, very light yet moisturizing and I have very sensitive skin so if I haven't had a bad reaction to it most people will be safe too.

    The cream also comes in a heavier version but being that it's summer here the sales gal suggested the lighter one for the season.

    Laura Mercier: Cosmetics, Makeup, Skin Care, Perfume and Bath and Body from the creator of the Flawless Face

    And they're not outrageously expensive - YAY!
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    I think her stuff is pretty good quality, I usually hear good things about it.

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    It's pretty expensive here, but worth it.

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    dunno much about her skincare but her foundation base is AMAZING!!!!

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