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Thread: The Gilette Breeze razor

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    Default The Gilette Breeze razor

    It's sheep shearing season, girls! I got the new Gilette Breeze razor and tried it out in the shower today. It's a three blade razor surrounded by two soft pads filled with gel that when it gets wet, covers your skin with a gel film. The idea is to be able to shave without shaving cream or soap.

    So anyway, I get in the shower and the gel pads started to ooze goop almost as soon as they got wet. You can shave your legs and your pits well enough but your body, wherever the razor was, is covered in a layer of grease. It's definitely a must-use in the shower and nowhere else. It's pretty messy but does shave well. You have to actively shower off wherever the razor touched.

    But the funniest thing was the smell. Two hours after my shower, Mr. Dean came home. He goes to the bathroom and comes out barking at me, "Did you take a dump?!" I'm like, no- wtf are you talking about? I went to the bathroom and it smelled like chemical farts. Like when you go to a restaurant and someone takes a crap before you get in there and covers it up with floral-roomspray.

    So... conclusion. Good idea, bad execution. I'm curious to see if the gel-goop fades with more use. That might be preferable and make the razor less awkward.
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    I haven't seen this one yet. I'm really low-rent when it comes to razors. Like it's usually a disposable without any moisturizing strip or anything. I do try a new kind every now and again though. This kinda sounds like the Intuition with the soap/gel around the razors and I liked that.

    It's got a 75% rating on Makeup Alley right now.

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    LOL... I didn't notice any smell... but let me tell u- once that gel thing is gone- your razor is still going to be sharp but shaving will be impossible because under the gel things, there is plastic... and it will scratch your skin....
    But if they are new and still have gel on them- I like em...
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    by damn - I didn't read up enough, I still use my oil of olay with jojoba oil with the breeze to shave with. hell, I guess I like to moisturize. The razors are ok to me and mine didn't smell like shit either, ewwww
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