City Cosmetics
City Lips ($29 for 1 ounce) is one more "lip-plumping" product with a few interesting differences from the norm. City Lips contains a blend of irritating plant oils as well as benzyl nicotinate, an ingredient that increases blood flow to the lips, resulting in a warming sensation. City Lips does make lips look fuller, but the effect is at best subtle and definitely temporary. All of the "active" ingredients can be irritating, which eventually causes dryness and inflammation. City Lips has one other distinction: it contains Celadrol, an anti-inflammatory agent used as a pain reliever for arthritis, although there is no research showing this works for your lips or arthritis. There are some good moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants in this lip balm, but in the final analysis, irritating the lips on a regular basis just isn't a good idea, no matter how plump your lips get. Note that City Lips is available in several different sheer colors for those who want plumpness with a tint.