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Thread: Kylie Minogue - Darling Perfume

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    Default Kylie Minogue - Darling Perfume

    Anyone tried this yet? It's being heavily advertised in Oz so I'm not sure if it's available elsewhere yet. In my experience most 'celebrity' perfumes smell like cat's piss but I'm prepared to be proved wrong with this one. I will go and risk a tester spray over the weekend and report back.
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    i dunno i actually like the Britney range and JLO's, but yeah i might do a spray tester as well tomoz after my final exam.

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    Any updates? Is it tacky?

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    I brought it for my mom, and she likes it. Although she wanted the Hilary Duff "With Love", which is a lot better but more expensive.

    The smell is good, if you have a light scent. Too much can be annoying. Though overall, it's good. But it's based on your personal opinion of what you think

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