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Thread: Avon - Lighten Up Plus Undereye Treament Reviewed

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    Default Avon - Lighten Up Plus Undereye Treament Reviewed


    Lighten Up Plus Undereye Treatment ($15 for 0.5 ounce) promises to banish undereye circles, but it's like so many products that have preceded it, and that means your dark circles will not vanish or even show significant improvement while using it. Where it excels is as a well-formulated, lightweight moisturizer for slightly dry skin. It contains plenty of antioxidants, including stabilized vitamin C and vitamins A and E, along with silicones and the anti-irritant bisabolol. It is suitable for use around the eyes, provided you don't expect it to eliminate dark circles. Because of the way dark circles develop (and whether that is driven by genetics or lifestyle), cosmetic ingredients can't address their underlying causes, which is why the only improvement you can expect is keeping this area hydrated. When skin is moist rather than dry, it reflects light more evenly. This won't eliminate darkness under the eye, but it can minimize its appearance, something all well-formulated moisturizers can do.

    By Paula Begoun

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    Undereye circles not a big problem yet, but it's nice to know they make products designed to try and combat that.

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