$$$ Chanel Precision Micro Solutions Refining Peel Program ($250 for 0.63 ounce) is shocking, and not in a good way, at least not if you're at all concerned about spending way more than you need to for an effective skin-care product. Chanel has produced an 8% glycolic acid serum, packaged in three stacked plastic trays, each containing seven single-use mini-tubes of product. The product's pH of 3.8 does ensure exfoliation, and the water and silicone base feels exceptionally light and silky, but the price is outrageous for what you get! Chanel positions this system as equivalent to a professional AHA peel, "without the drawbacks." But the amount of glycolic acid doesn't even come close to what is used in a professional setting, where AHA concentrations range from 20% to 40% and up. For what Chanel is charging, you could get a professional AHA peel or purchase an equally effective and far less expensive AHA product, such as Alpha Hydrox's Total Skin Care Glycolic Gel 10% ($25 for 2 ounces), Gly Derm Solution Plus with Glyco Citrates ($24 for 4 ounces), or Paula's Choice 8% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Gel ($15.95 for 4 ounces) and end up with better results. Chanel's Precision Micro Solutions Refining Peel Program deserves a happy face rating because it is an effective exfoliant, but it is absolutely not worth even a fraction of its price. In fact, it's almost insulting that Chanel didn't include in this formula other state-of-the-art ingredients, especially anti-irritants. By the way, Chanel's labeling of this product as "ultra-gentle" isn't accurate for many reasons, primarily due to the effective AHA component, which can be irritating for lots of women, and also because of the unnecessary amount of fragrance.

Source: Paula Begoun