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Thread: Almay Smart Shade Makeup (Colorless until it touches your!)

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    Default Almay Smart Shade Makeup (Colorless until it touches your!)

    Fitness Magazine's May Issue touted Almay's Smart Shade Makeup, that morphs into a shade that matches your skin exactly.

    Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it.
    Their website states,

    "Makeup that transforms into your ideal shade

    With Smart Shade™, there’s no more guessing or stressing over what shade of makeup is right for you. This revolutionary colorless foundation contains microscopic color beads that are activated when you smooth it on—transforming into a shade that complements your skin tone. You’ll get sheer coverage with a natural finish, so your skin looks smooth and even. Nourishing antioxidants like grapeseed, ginseng and gingko biloba help give skin a healthy glow. Each of the 3 shades cover a wide range of color. All you have to do is choose the one closest to your skin tone—it’s that easy!"

    Choose one and let Smart Shade™ do the rest!
    1. Choose Light, Light/Medium or Medium
    2. Smooth on to activate the color beads
    3. Get your ideal shade for beautiful, natural-looking skin.

    hypoallergenic • oil free • won't clog pores • clinically, dermatologist and allergy tested

    I love the fact that it's oil-free, like my beloved Maybelline True, and won't clog pores. And with a SPF 15. But three shades to cover the range of skin tones out there? I chose the Light/Medium thinking it would blend my winter pale to an almost to summer glow skin tone.

    When applying, first note that it is white. It actually looks and feels like a silky moisturizer. As you work it in, a color slowly develops, based on your skin's pigment. Mine turned into a slight reddish beige, and it was darker than my skin tone, that slowly did blend in. I should have gone with the light. As far as coverage, it's fair, but I would look at this more as a strong tinted moisturizer, than a foundation. If you have different skin tones, (like me), you'll notice that it morphs into the skin color underneath. And I did notice that the final look is of the skin, not on top of the skin. You don't look like you're wearing foundation at all. Nice.

    If your skin tone is good and you're looking for a product with coverage that's between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation, this just might work for you. It has no feel, silky smooth going on, and it did last well. But with only 3 color choices, make sure you buy at a place that is return friendly, just in case

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    Default Re: Alma Smart Shade Makeup (Colorless until it touches your!)

    Thanks SVZ, I want to try this.
    I'll go to CVS as they have a friendly makeup return policy.

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    Default Re: Alma Smart Shade Makeup (Colorless until it touches your!)

    Bought this yesterday at Target. I usually use tinted moisturizer in the winter but it looks to greasy for summer use.

    Love a gimmick, the product is white with blue beads and turns skin colored when you rub. Very nice for cheap foundation.

    Just went out into the sunlight- this is great foundation. I have very fair skin and have to custom blend foundations to get a color to match. Thanks for posting the link- would have never tried this otherwise!
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