Bio-Maple Antipruritic Cream ($38 for 2 ounces) "Antipruritic" means "anti-itch." This moisturizer is also sold as having anti-inflammatory properties, making it sound soothing for those whose skin needs relief. Unfortunately, the amount of anti-inflammatory agents in here is minuscule at best, and the ingredient providing the itch relief is a form of menthol (menthyl lactate), which only creates more irritation for skin. Remember, menthol is often used as a counter-irritant, something that induces local inflammation to relieve inflammation deeper in the skin (such as a pesky itch). Counter-irritants do their job, but essentially they just substitute one type of inflammation for another instead of soothing skin without causing more problems (Sources: Dermatologic Therapy, July-August 2005, pages 341-343; and Archives of Dermatologic Research, May 1996, pages 245-248).

Source: Paula Begoun