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Thread: Dark Spot Correctors

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    Default Dark Spot Correctors

    Has anyone tried a dark spot corrector or skin tone evener? I have a few sun spots on my face and want to try one, but would love some recommendations before I do.

    I know Clinique and Estee Lauder have one -- any others?

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    My aunt uses the one by Clinique. She loves it and it seems to work. I'm looking to try one because I got a bit of melasma on my face while I was pregnant. Most of it went away but I still have some.

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    I just purchased L'Oreal Age perfect creme. It says it helps age spots (most of mine are sun damage)

    I'll start using it in a few days - hoepfully will see some results in a few weeks - I have been curious about the Clinique one as well.


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    As a redhead, I have what Conan O'Brien refers to as "the skin of a neonatal" so dark spots crop up. I have tried everything (including Retin A) for years. After using a slew of other products, I have to say that Murad Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel works the best but it only works if you keep yourself out of the sun. Believe me, as someone who wears sunblock at midnight in the rain, I am vigilant but any exposure ("Hey, what are dogs barking about now?") will undo its effectiveness. Also, dayum, it is expensive, as in $60 per bottle. Just sayin'.

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    La Roche Posay has a product line that is great. I've seen it work on people.

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