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Thread: Clinique Chubby Stick

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    Default Clinique Chubby Stick

    My mom found an ad in a magazine about this new product, and we got the last Fig at Sephora. We had such trouble finding it in the mall, it is selling out!

    I got mine delivered today, it is so wonderful. It is a gloss but in a stick, and the colors are so nice.
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    Hell I wanna try it just because of the name. Lol at Chubby Stick!

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    I will have to try that one. I'm not impressed with the Nars velvet lipgloss pencil, the colours aren't great and the staying power is mediocre.

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    I have a couple of the Clinique sticks and they are very nice. Highly recommend.
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    I have one & never use it.. I find it too dry for me.
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