(Neutral Face) $$$ Olive Oil Polyphenols Nutrient Face Fortifier ($90 for 2 ounces) doesn't have much going for it, especially considering the price tag. For $90, you get a water-based moisturizer that contains primarily olive oil, silicone, film-forming agent, slip agent, dimethyl MEA (more commonly known as DMAE), and thickeners. Perricone asserts that DMAE can prevent skin-cell deterioration, thus shoring up skin to prevent further wrinkling and other signs of aging. But there is scant research supporting the topical use of DMAE, and Perricone's claims for this ingredient are based on his own information. Johnson & Johnson reported its findings from a study of this ingredient in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology (January 2005, pages 39–47), and noted that it shows promise as an anti-inflammatory agent as well as working to increase skin's firmness. However, J&J sells products in the Neutrogena line that also contain DMAE, so bias is clearly possible in the report. J&J's study examined the effects of 3% DMAE, an amount that is not present in this product (or in Neutrogena's). Until the results from more substantiated research on topical use of DMAE is available, it's another potentially advantageous ingredient that may or may not end up being worth the price companies such as N.V. Perricone charge. This product does contain fragrance.

Source: Paula Begoun