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Thread: L'Oreal Volume Shocking Mascara Product Review

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    Default L'Oreal Volume Shocking Mascara Product Review

    Volume Shocking Mascara ($12.95) is shocking, at least if you're used to lackluster or natural-look mascaras! This two-step mascara includes a Lash Defining Base Coat and a Volume Constructing Top Coat. The Base Coat is a white "primer" whose formula is similar to that of most mascaras, minus the pigment. It nicely separates and lengthens lashes, but things really get exciting when the Top Coat is applied. It goes on with a comb instead of a brush applicator, and the result is a heavier application of mascara that dramatically lengthens, thickens, and curls with a few strokes. As usual, I applied the primer step to one set of lashes and then used just the mascara on the other. Usually the difference isn't noticeable, but it was this time, albeit marginally. The side with the Base Coat produced fewer clumps when the Top Coat was applied, although some clumping was apparent with or without the Base Coat, as was minor flaking during wear. That's the tradeoff if you decide to try this product: magnificently enhanced lashes but an application process that demands more precision and, preferably, a clean brush to comb through lashes so clumps are smoothed out. This is surprisingly easy to remove with a water-soluble cleanser.

    Source: Paula Begoun

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