L'Oreal Endless Kissable ShineWear, The Glossiest Zero-Transfer Lip Duo ($8.19) is a two-part system that's somewhat of a spin on long-wearing lip products such as Max Factor Lipfinity. Lancome fans will recognize this duo as being nearly identical to their Juicy Wear Ultra-Lasting Full Colour and Shine Lip Duo ($25). The concept is the same: Apply a seemingly regular lipstick, allow one or two minutes for it to set, then (because lips will feel dry and tight) slather your lips with an ultra-shiny, wet-look gloss. The gloss ensures comfortable wear without causing the lipstick color to fade, travel into lines, or smear. If you follow the instructions, this (just like Lancome's version) really does stay put for hours and transfers minimally onto napkins, coffee cups, and significant others. The all-silicone gloss coat feels slick and unlike traditional gloss, but if you're agreeable to its texture, it allows for even wear--no balling, chipping, or peeling lipstick.

Source: Paula Begoun