Always on the make for the next best thing, I've tried these products based on the great reviews at Makeup Alley. I love the ease and convenience of a powder foundation, but most lack adequate sunscreen. Benefit's Get Flawless has spf15 but costs $34 for a small amount of product you go through very quickly.

The Physician's Formula products 'Healthy Wear' have spf50!!!!! They are less than half the price of Benefit and the packaging is awesome (a knockoff of Shiseido). Best of all, this powder found. is very natural looking....and it stays put. It's already stood up through one intense lunchtime workout and I've got another lined up tonight. I haven't even had to powder my nose!!!! The coverage is good although I think there are very few shades for darker tones. I wonder if that is because an spf50 can have a whitening effect making it difficult to create realistic deeper shades. Anyway, my skin is combination w/some Tzone oiliness and this has not made me oily and has not caked. It is sweat resistant,too.

The Tinted Moisturizer offers way more coverage than most TMs which is great. Also, it offers a dewy finish but not a greasy one. Shades come a bit darker than the name suggests (go one shade lighter than you think you need based on the name of the color). I'm so excited b/c most sunscreens, even for the face, end up getting into my eyes and out on the river I need something that will work, make me look good, and not irritate my eyes. This stuff is all approved of by the Cancer Society.

I just love telling people about cool new things. Ulta has BOGO free right now!