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Thread: Yardley of London Apothary Products

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    Default Yardley of London Apothary Products

    I bought a whole bunch from London Drugs the other day cuz they were all on sale. They are all usually around $8 but I got them for $2.99

    6.3 oz. Scrub Me Tender Shower Scrub: Creates rich foam to cleanse as sugar gently polishes. Papaya enzymes aide in exfoliation.

    5.5 oz Cool As Can Be Cooling body scrub with purifying watercress

    I liked this one the best, it made my skin baby bottom smooth (it's never felt like that b4 in my entire life!!!) and it smells delish. It's better than the papaya one above.
    Pretty good reviews on it at Makeupalley, too

    6 oz. Turn Up The Heat warming body scrub with exfoliating pineapple enzymes.
    I still haven't tried this yet but I'll update on it when I do.

    Make Me A Smoothie body custard with moisturizing mango and mandarin (sorry couldn't find a product pic for this). 4 oz.

    This was so far the best body custard type of cream that I've ever used. I tried Body Shop's Papaya body butter but it was too greasy. Make Me a Smoothie, when I applied on my skin, was absorbed very quickly and didn't leave any greasy film. It also smells very yummy but not over-sweet, quite subtle actually.
    Again, pretty good reviews on this at Makeupalley.
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    Default Re: YARDLEY london apothary products

    i like their eau de cologne but i've never tried any of the other products
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