Sensational Effects Eye Shadow ($14.50) adds to Lancome's impressive roster of powder eyeshadows, and for the first time in a long time the shades are divided by finish on the tester unit, a very helpful concept. The formula (sold as singles) feels quite silky and applies smoothly without flaking or skipping. Medium to deep shades are easy to soften, and overall this eyeshadow takes full advantage of advances in powder technology. The shades and finishes are divided into matte, sheen, shimmer, metallic, and intense. The matte shades are my preference (no surprise there) and the best ones are Daybright, Positive, Faux Pas, Ciel du Soir, Waif, and Page 6. The sheens have a low-luster finish, appropriate unless your eyelid skin is noticeably wrinkled. Shimmer and Metallic are the shiniest group, while the Intense group is primarily deep shades best for eyelining. Among them, avoid Pink Carpet and Garment, unless you want people to notice your for-shock-value eyeshadow rather than your eyes! As much as I liked this eyeshadow formula, it isn't quite on par with the latest options from Clinique and Estee Lauder.

Source: Paula Begoun