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Thread: And the World’s Most Educated Country Is…

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    Nana, it's possible if the kids go to a community college for undergrad, then a state school for university.
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    When I went to college (a Seven Sisters school) in 1975, my tuition and room and board cost about 1/11th of my father's annual income. When my oldest started college in 2008 at a good but not great private school, her tuition and room and board cost over 1/3rd of my husband's and my combined income. This is such a stark difference.

    While I know that kids can (and some do) start at community college and then go to state universities, that cost is still substantial and burdensome for most families. Most middle class people like me entered adulthood with the expectation that if they worked hard they'd be able to send their kids to good schools. My oldest daughter is a mover and a shaker and had a better resume at 18 than a lot of 30-year olds have. Sending her to a good school with opportunities for internships was undoubtedly the right move, but boy has it been hard on our family and her.

    I think there is a lot of waste, corruption, scamming, and collusion with the financial industry going on. Everyone at both my daughters' high schools, from top to bottom, tell the kids that even if they think they can't afford a particular school to apply anyway and that scholarships and loans will magically appear. No one tells them to weigh that against what it will be like to start their working lives tens of thousands of dollars in debt.
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