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Thread: Susan G Komen ends Planned Parenthood grants

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    Quote Originally Posted by olivia View Post
    That probably answers the question I've always wanted to ask Nancy Brinker - Would your sister be proud of the way you've whored out her death for personal wealth?
    Oh,hell yes. In fact she would have expected no less. She would actually have been worse.
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    My favorite bogus charity term is "Awareness". WTF does that mean? No one was aware of cancer before Armstrong or Komen told us about it? To me, this Awareness crap simply means these charities will dole out their funds to executives and friends who claim to do research.
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    You know what I'd like to see being done for 'awareness'? I'd like to see talks about self examination for both boys and girls being included in health/sex ed classes. I think making people aware from an early age about the need to check yourself and the importance of not being embarrassed about seeing a health professional even if it turns out to be nothing will achieve more for early detection and survival rates than raising money for some fat cat's expense account.
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